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PME 832 - Syllabus - Fall 2017

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PME 832: The Connected Classroom

Instructor: Dr. Paul Leslie

  • Assistant Professor, Faculty of Education, Queens University
  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Course designed by Dr. Holly Ogden & Judy Wearing

Below you will find attached a PDF of this page plus a PDF of the entire course outline.

Discussion board posts (6 X 6% each for 35%)

For each discussion board, please post your own comment and then respond meaningfully and respectfully to the post of two classmates. Discussion board posts should be between 350 and 500 words in length and connect to the required readings.  Responses do not have a required length but should be crafted to further learning in a meaningful and respectful manner.

  1. “Making Connections” Please share three statements, two truths and a lie about yourself. Read and respond to the post of EVERY member of the class, by guessing which is the lie.
  2. My Connections” Share your annotated concept map, showing as many meaningful and authentic connections as you can imagine for students in your current practice. Provide a description of the connections you’ve mapped, referencing some of the readings and/or the video.
  3. “Top Two”. Cite related research and scholarship to make strong connections between two pedagogical approaches and the Mind Map you posted in Module 1.
  4. “Sharing Case Studies” Share a brief description of the second Case Study that you examined and provide a link for your peers to find more information about the program. Then, describe what you found to be the most significant “take-away” from the two examples of connected learning you researched.
  5. “Technological Tools” Share a brief description of three examples of how educators effectively used the same technological tool. Rank them in order of effectiveness, and explain why you ranked them in the order you did. Also explain how you would use this tool in your own practice.
  6. “Technological Frameworks and the Role of the Teacher” Consider your current practice. What are your strengths and next steps as you strive to offer technology-enabled connected learning for your students? Make reference to at least one framework and connect your thinking to November’s ideas.
Examining Theory in Practice—Case Studies (30%)

In this assignment, you will examine two, present-day examples of Connected Learning. You will investigate two case studies (one from a provided list, and one that you have found on your own) using the guiding questions below.

  • What pedagogical approaches from Module 2 relate most closely with each case?
  • What important skills are the students developing in each case study that may not be as readily developed in a traditional classroom setting?
  • What are the biggest three challenges or barriers to providing this kind of connected learning opportunity for all learners?  What are possible solutions to overcome these challenges/barriers?
  • Can you think of one or more suggestions to increase connectedness or enhance student learning in each?

Share your analysis of both cases in a written document (1000 words - double spaced). Post this document in the Theory in Practice DROPBOX for your instructor to evaluate using a checklist.

Leadership in Professional Learning—Designing a Technologically-Enhanced Connected Learning Experience (35%)

This culminating task will help you to bring together your learning from all five modules in this course. For this final project, you will envision what connected learning could look like in your professional context. As a culminating task, you will individually design a connected classroom project that you could use with your students and present it to your peers. You may choose to present your design as a project or unit plan or in another format (e.g., powerpoint, prezi, youtube video, etc.) with the goal of inspiring others to foster and create connections in their own teaching and learning. 

A successful connected classroom project or program will include:

  • Strong and authentic connection
  • Rich learning that uncovers the curriculum
  • Ongoing learning– not a one-time thing
  • Theoretically-supported pedagogy, Technology-enhanced opportunities, Feasible design.

Along with your connected classroom program/project, please write a rationale ( 600 words MAXIMUM, double spaced) detailing:

  • How the program relates to pedagogical approaches (cite scholarly work);
  • How you decided which digital technologies to incorporate;
  • Who you could share this work with and how you might share it; and,
  • Why you chose this approach and how it shows professional growth from your previous teaching and/or planning.
Formative Assessments

There are also two formative assessments in which you will reflect on your progress to date. These are not graded, but are mandatory assignments. They provide you an opportunity to speak frankly to the instructor about your thoughts and comments on the course, how the course is serving your needs, and your performance.


Course Syllabus






Week 1

Sept. 18th -24th

Welcome to PME 832

1 week


Discussion Board Post:

  • Making Connections

DUE: END OF WEEK 1 – Sept. 24th

Module 1

Week 2

Sept. 25th – Oct 1st

What is a Connected Classroom?

1 week 

Discussion Board Post:

  • My Connections

DUE: END OF WEEK 2 – Oct 1st  

Reading week

Week 3 – Oct. 2nd - 9th (Thanksgiving)

Read ahead or catch up. Late assignments may be considered if posted during reading week

Module 2

Week 4

Oct. 10th  - 15th   


Pedagogical Approaches that Support Connected Classrooms


1 week 


Discussion Board Post:

  • Top Two

Mid-course formative assessment

  • Reflection

DUE: END OF WEEK 4 – Oct. 22nd  

Module 3

Weeks 5 & 6

Oct. 16th – 29th   

Theory in Practice: Examining Case Studies

2 Weeks

Discussion Board Posts:

  • Sharing Case Studies

DropBox Assignment:

  • Examining theory in practice – case studies

DUE: END OF WEEK 6 – Oct. 29th

Module 4

Week 7

Oct. 30th  – Nov 5th

Technological Tools for Connected Learning

1 Week

Discussion Board Posts:

  • Technology Tools

DUE: END OF WEEK 7 – Nov. 5th  

Module 5

Week 8

Nov. 6th – 12th

Technologically-Enhanced Learning Frameworks and the Role of the Teacher

1 week 


Discussion Board Posts:

  • ·        Technological Frameworks and the Role of the Teacher

DUE: END OF WEEK 8 – Nov. 12th

Reading Week

Week 9, Nov. 13th - 19th

Read ahead or catch up. Late assignments may be considered if posted during reading week.

Course Closure

Week 10

Nov. 20th – 26th

Leadership in Professional Learning and Reflecting on PME 832

1 week

DropBox Assignment

  • ·        Leadership in Professional Learning—Designing a Technologically-Enhanced Connected Learning Experience (35%)

Final Formative Assessment

  • ·        Reflection

DUE: END OF WEEK 10 – Nov. 26th

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