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PME 851 - Syllabus - Fall 2017

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GDPI/PME 851 - Culture, Curriculum and Pedagogy

Instructor: Dr. Paul Leslie

Assistant Professor, Faculty of Education, Queens University

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Grade Item



0 / 50


Personal Profile

0 / 5.56


Conversations about Inquiry

0 / 5.56


Resources for Promoting Cultural Awareness and Diversity

0 / 5.56


The Role of Education

0 / 5.56


The Role of Technology

0 / 5.56


The Six C's

0 / 5.56


Pedagogical Preparation for International Teaching

0 / 5.56


My Classroom and Its Cultural Norms

0 / 5.56


Linguistically Diverse Teaching Contexts

0 / 5.56



Culture and Context: Navigating Cultural Diversity

0 / 10

Identity as a Teacher

0 / 10

Final Assignment Infographic

0 / 30

Discussion Boards

Each student is required to complete assigned discussion posts every week as well as respond to the posts made by other classmates. There are 9 discussions in total that will add up to a score out of 50%.

Each module also includes questions that will prompt your thinking and reflection of your professional context in relation to that topic. You are not meant to post all the answers to these questions, but choosing a few could help you inform the topics you discuss in relation to the readings. 

Online participation (during entire course): We expect all students to participate actively in the online discussions on OnQ. By participating in a timely fashion in each module, students contribute to the collective learning of the class as well as their own individual learning. 

Participation can consist of: 

  • A compelling quote from the readings
  • A reaction to the content
  • Discussion questions raised by the text or videos
  • Sharing relevant research studies of interest
  • Providing examples of interesting classroom/teaching practices
  • Reflection on your own experiences related to cross-cultural learning/teaching
  • Contributing to the discussion of key issues that emerge from our shared work 

There are three assignments that will add up to 50% of the total grade.

Formative Assessments

There are also two formative assessments in which you will reflect on your progress to date. These are not graded, but are mandatory assignments. They provide you an opportunity to speak frankly to the instructor about your thoughts and comments on the course, how the course is serving your needs, and your performance.

Course Syllabus

Course Overview: For a full overview of the Course Outline, see below. You will find an outline of the module names, topics, expected duration, learning activities, and assignment tasks.

There are five modules in GDPI/PME 851– Culture, Curriculum, and Pedagogy. The course is structured in blocks with reading weeks in-between to give some time to read the course materials. On reading weeks, no online posts to OnQ are required. 





Module 1

Week 1

Sept. 18th -24th

Introduction to PME 851 and our Community

1 week


Discussion Board posts:

  • Personal Profile 
  • Conversations About Inquiry

DUE: END OF WEEK 1 – Sept. 24th

Module 2

Week 2

Sept. 25th – Oct 1st

Culture and Curriculum in International Contexts

1 week 

Discussion Board Post:

  • Resources for Promoting Cultural Awareness and Diversity

Dropbox Assignment:

  • Culture and Context: Navigating Cultural Diversity

DUE: END OF WEEK 2 – Oct 1st

Reading week

Week 3 – Oct. 2 – 9th (Thanksgiving)

Read ahead or catch up. Late assignments may be considered if posted during reading week

Module 3

Week 4

Oct. 10th  - 15th


Curriculum and Teaching


1 week 


Discussion Board Post:

  • The Role of Education

Dropbox Assignment:

  • Identity As A Teacher 

Mid-course formative assessment

  • Reflection

DUE: END OF WEEK 4 – Oct. 15th

Module 4

Weeks 5 & 6

Oct. 16th – 29th

Classroom and Community Connections

2 Weeks

Discussion Board Posts:

  • The Role of Technology
  • The 6 C's

DUE: END OF WEEK 6 – Oct. 29th

Reading Week

Week 7, Oct. 30th  – Nov. 5th

Read ahead or catch up. Late assignments may be considered if posted during reading week

Module 5

Week 8

Nov. 6th – 12th



1 week 


Discussion Board Posts:

  • ·        Linguistically Diverse Teaching Contexts
  • ·        My Classroom and Its Cultural Norms

DUE: END OF WEEK 8 – Nov. 12th

Module 6

Weeks 9 – 10

Nov. 13th – 26th

 Course Closure

2 weeks

Final Discussion Board Post

  • ·        Professional Resources

DropBox Assignment

  • ·        Final Assignment PME 851
  • ·        Final course reflection

DUE: END OF WEEK 10 – Nov. 26th

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