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851 - Discussion Board Discussion

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Dear students - I have read and commented on all of your mid course reflection, even those two or three that just came in the last couple days. I have given fairly extensive comments and am happy to give more. A few students have written for more feedback and I am always happy to give. I do see that only a few of you have gone to the mid-course reflections to open my comments. I encourage you do so.

I generally comment on the reflection itself, and then give some comments about:

  • The contents of your reflection
  • The contents of your posts
  • The content of your replies
  • A comment or two on the rubric.

ALso, I have noted to each of you that there is a grade of ~6% for each one for a total of 50%. I am not sure about marking each one separately as that is difficult and not really reflective of an overall effort at this level. If you want a grade to date, I will provide one.

Please be assured that I read every post, and usually about 80% of the replies. I hope you do too! For your information:

  • Total Replies (All Forums): 276
  • Total Threads (All Forums): 83

That is 359 items for you to read. Below is a table sorted in order of posts read. As you can see, I have read 257 posts and replies, and made 77 replies. I am very impressed with the person who read more than me!

You should have made at least 6 posts by now.

  Posts Replies Total items read
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