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Create a Blog using Google Blogger

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Create a Blog using Google Blogger

  • Go to Google and sign in. Under the Tools menu, click on MORE and you will see the icon for Blogger:

google tools more

  • Once the Blogger page opens, click on New Blog.

google newblog

  • You will be asked to give your blog a title and a web address.

google blog title

  • In the title, you can give the blog a descriptive, but short name. Your blog name should indicate its purpose and semester.
    • For example, you can call it, My Reflective Journals - Semester 2, 2014.
  • In the Address, use a name that is easy to remember. It also has to be unique.
  • Once you have created the blog, you can set many different options including the template and side bar.
  • Many of the settings can be left as default. However, you should look over them to be familiar with the privacy settings.
  • Please note - the proxy server at the college may prevent you from creating a blog. You may have to repeat this process at home.


Post by Email

You can create a post for your blog via email from your smart phone or tablet if you so desire. You can also insert an image or two via email as well.


  • Click on SETTINGS and then click on Mobile and Email

google blog settings

  • Once in the settings, you can set up your blog to allow you to post to your blog from your mobile device.

google blog mobile

  • You can create an email address to which you can send your posts from your phone.
    • Add a word in the email box. It should be something easy to remember.
    • Then, add the email address to your phone contacts. Call the new contact, Blogger.
    • Test it by taking a photo with your phone and then emailing it to the blog.
    • The subject of the email will be the title of the post. Any words you type into the message box will appear in the body of the post.

google blog final

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