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Saturday, 28 May 2011 23:49

265 / 268 - Week 17 - Last Week!

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Final Business


Survey on SharePoint - Have you done it with another teacher?


268 - Final test on vocabulary - I know! Another test! But this one is to catch up on the vocabulary that you should have been learning all semester so I think it is a good one to finish with. It is only 5 %.


265 - Next year - We will hang out a bit and do some workshops on what will happen next year.




Thursday, 19 May 2011 02:34

150 - Week 16 / 17 - Workshop

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Foer the next two weeks, we will work through a series of issues that we need to discuss before next semester. We have some time so we will use it productively.



Click here


Self Assessment



Sunday, 15 May 2011 23:41

School Visit & Presentations

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Click here to view a concept map of the


School Visit report


Platform Presentation


 Google Map of the school locations everyone visited.





Wednesday, 11 May 2011 07:54

150 - Week 15 - Presentations

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presentations1Let's watch some presentations this week.

Sunday's Schedule

Monday's Schedule

Tuesday's Schedule

Wednesday, 11 May 2011 07:47

268 - Week 15/16/17 - Total Integration

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This week's work is integrated with 265. Please go there.



Wednesday, 11 May 2011 05:25

265 - Week 15 - The Beginning of the End

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It seems so final. I would like to have the semester go on a few more weeks so that we could have more fun together studying and playiing with computers. However, I suspect you have different feelings.

This week you will be very busy finishing off your work and preparing for not one but two presentations.

 {xtypo_button3}Click Here {/xtypo_button3}  to open the assessment schedule. Check the schedule carefully. Below is the schedule for the next 4 weeks.


May 15 - 19



Reflection on School Visit

Report 3%

Discussion Board 4: Integration Part 2


May 22 - 26

All Week /



Discussion Board 7: School Visit

Presentation of Shell System

Presentation 10%

Presentation of School Visits

Presentation 10%


May 29 - Jun 2



Discussion Assessment 2



Integrated Report


End of Semester Test



June 5 - 9



End of Semester Test



Helpful Links


Presentation Skills

Presenting to large groups

Before you Present

Effective Presentations

Technology Integration

The Student Guide to Evaluating Information Technology on Campus (PDF)

Evaluating the Student Learning Common

Digital Immigrants - Digital Natives


Thursday, 05 May 2011 07:32

150 - Week 14 - Beginning of the End

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begin_endDue to popular demand, we will delay the presentations by one week. This means that we will have to move forward the review of the course in order to preapre for the final essay.

Review for presentation:

This is the suggested presentation outline from the assessment document

2 minutes

  • Your strengths in terms of multiple intelligences

2 minutes

  • Create a chart or concept map using verbs from Bloom’s Taxonomy to show how you use lower Order Thinking Skills and Higher Order Thinking Skills in your studies

  • You should use one verb for each level and use it in a sentence that explains an aspect of your studies.

4 minutes

  • Discuss mind tools and give two examples from your own life on how they help you.
    • One example should highlight the cognitive domain (i.e., how does a particular tool help you to think, be more creative, process information)
    • One example should highlight the affective domain (i.e. how does a particular tool help you contact people, maintain social relationships, or generally feel good or happy).

2 minutes

  • Discuss intrinsic and extrinsic factors that encourage (or discourage) you to study and continue your studies.

You should also think about Maslow's Heirarchy of Needs and how that may help to explain your motivations.

We have spent two weeks examining personality types. How does an understanding of your personality type help you to understand your personal motivation towards your studies?

As for the deadline, the last week of classes is Week 17 and our last class together will be on Tuesday, May 31st. Your paper is due by 4:00 on that day.

As for your final essay, I will give you the assessment document and ad the document to the BBV site. Below is the essay discussion:


In your essay, you should consider:

  • Behaviourism and Social Learning
  • Sociocultural theory
  • Mindtools
  • Bloom’s Taxonomy
  • Multiple Intelligences
  • Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs
  • Myers-Briggs Typology

 You can give a brief discussion of:

  • How they influence or relate to teaching and learning in general and in relation to ICT
  • Examples from your experience
  • How we can use this information to motivate students


You paper should be 1000 words in length. Your paper must have a title page, be double-spaced and use APA formatting wherever appropriate (including on the title page, the headings, pagination, font size, bibliography etc.)

Look here:


You can skip the abstract. 

Saturday, 30 April 2011 09:15

268 - Week 13 /14 - Technology Plans for ALL

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{xtypo_rounded_left3}In one of our classes this week, we will incorporate a few questions about technology planning.


 Usually, you would do a plan once you have conducted a NEEDS ANALYSIS. A needs analysis is just what it sounds like - an {tooltip}analysis{end-link}to examine something to see how it works - to see what is missing - to see what is needed{end-tooltip} of the technology at the school, an analysis of what the {tooltip}client{end-link}the person or group for whom you are working, designing or creating something{end-tooltip} want to see or use in their school.

{xtypo_alert} Technology Plan is due on Sunday{/xtypo_alert}

Some points to remember:

  • Your plan should incorporate your e-resources
  • you need to discuss WHY you have a or need a plan
  • You need to include goals, which are things you want to do but do not already do.
  • You need to include tasks which are things that you already do but want to use technology to improve or do better.
  • You need to look at training for the goals and tasks
  • You need to discuss how you will deliver the training
  • etc....

Links to other Weeks:

Week 3
Week 4
Week 7
Week 9


Wednesday, 27 April 2011 13:13

265 - Week 13 / 14 - E in Action

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On Thursday, May 5th, all Educational Technology students will go to the Airport Expo, Dubai for the GESS Expo. 

  • Visit the {tooltip} keynote {end-link}a main speech that talks about the theme of the event{end-tooltip} speech at 11:30
  • Visit one workshop

School Visits

On Wednesday, May 11th -  Week 14 - you will conduct your school visit. As a class (actually two classes), we will:

  • Organize the overall format of visit
    • Who will you interview? Teachers? Administration? Students?
    • How will you interview them?
      • Types of questions? General, Likert Scale?
    • How will you record their answers?
      • On Paper?
      • in an online survey tool?
      • Use your phone to record either voice only or video (better)
    • Explore the use of educational technology
      • Mobile computing
        • How many students have mobile devices?
        • How many would use them for school?
        • How many use them for web based activity?
    • Explore / collect assessments used
    • Evaluation of the assessments
    • Present findings including recommendations


 Exploration of Blended learning:

Download the following PPT and then in groups, examine and "translate" your section. Provide examples and discuss how this might fit into your survey and interviews at the schools.

{xtypo_download} Download this PPT: Blended Learning Design{/xtypo_download}

  •  Adapted from, Garrison, R. & Vaughn, N. (2011). Teaching Presence:  Creating and Sustaining Communities of Inquiry in Blended Learning Environments. PPT. Retrieved 30 April, 2011 from _________________________

{xtypo_download}Blended Learning{/xtypo_download}

{xtypo_download}Faculty Adoption of Teaching Online{/xtypo_download}

{xtypo_download}Teaching Online{/xtypo_download}

{xtypo_download}Web 2.0{/xtypo_download}

{xtypo_download}Student & Faculty Tech Surveys{/xtypo_download}





Looking for "E" in Action

(Hint: look at the clock...)


Click here for a BIGGER photo

Wednesday, 27 April 2011 01:09

150 - Week 13 - Talk show!

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These are the directions from last week concening your presentations. Most of you have finished and so your presentations should be in the document library.

From last week:

Look at the results of your Myers-Briggs Personality test. What do you think? What was your four-letter type?

 Prepare a five-slide presentation about your results.

  • Slide one: Compare what you think about yourself with what the test said.
  • Slides 2 - 5: Give an example from your life that exemplifies you in the context of each of the four types.


 Tony Robbins Personal Strengths Indicator



You will visit the auditorium to listen to a talk by the first Emirati woman to visit Antarctica.

Read some articles about other Emirati adventures to this frozen land:





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