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EDU 1302 - Weeks 16 & 17 - Finals

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So, it comes down to this - one big exam. To review, you should read throgh all of the blog entries for your couorse, and look at the links and articlesd I have provided you over the semester. Your exam contains short answer questions, which mean that you must answer with more than a word but less than an essay. In questions, you may answer with bullet points, and in others you may need to write a paragraph.

Topics include:

  • Portfolios
    • Digital Stories
  • Social Media
  • Cloud computing
  • Wikis
  • Software

This week we will look at story telling as a tool for teaching and see how we can use various tools in the classroom to help that process.

We will also explore the Tweetchat tool and how it might help us.

Thursday, 05 January 2012 14:44

EDUC 349 - End of the Road

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Its all over but the crying! Well, perhaps not. The next two weeks will involve lots of work. Here are some helpful links and points to ponder. Check back! I'll update this through the two weeks.

  • Analytics - In 265, you need to anaylyze your site. This article might help. It is on the links page as well. This article discusses the most common aspects of Site Analysis. This other article discusses the top 10 Google Analytical tools. The article also describes these tools - very useful.
Thursday, 15 December 2011 00:34

EDUC 249 - Presentations and Interviews

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Hi everyone: - I have marked your TP journals. Here is some generic feedback:

Cool There were lots of very solid entries. I liked the focus on many of your entries that really answered the questions clearly.

Smile Many of you gave excellent references and did a great job of incorporatig them into your writing.

Innocent I noticed that many of you did all of your entries over a one or two day period. You were supposed to enter them during your TP. I did not really follow up on this and did not penalize anyone for this. I realize that many of you were doing the entries in Word and then copying and pasting them. That is fine for this time. However it meant that the comments were not as effective as they could have been.

Tongue out Some of you gave some rather generic answers including thing like. "I had a great experience", or "I really learned a lot". These are fine if you then discuss the issues at length. Of coourse, if you discuss the experiences at length, then you do not really need to say these things.

Undecided Some writing styles were quite academic while others were not. Try to focus on a good style and make sure you are clear, succinct and do not waffle.


Sealed You will need to talk! Don't be shy and be prepared to speak.

Surprised Be prepared to show me your portfolio! I want to see evidence and proof!



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Planning for next semester

So far, this is what we have:

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EDUC 349 - Week 15 - Preparations

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You will be working on your presentations all week and we will explore parts of them to see just what you can do to be great.


Some questions you should consider and / or address are:

  • Think of your MST. What do you think motivates her? If you do not think she is overly motivated, or perhaps "directionaly motivated", what would or might motivate her?
  • According to Lieb (1991), negative reinforcement will not extinguish a behaviour. Punishment and time out will. How do you punish an adult (without her knowing she is being punished)?
  • "Social Motivation is a powerful propellant" (Rogers, 2007). How can you use social motivation in your classes to encourage people to participate?

Mobile Media

Think back about two weeks. We discussed how you might use mobile media to further your work in your school, museum or in the work place.

Lets review what you cam up with.

  • Will we be able to preview your presentation on our mobiles while you are talking?
  • Will we be able to communciate better with each other as a result of your workshop?
  • Will we know how best to contact you via Twitter or other social media as a result of your presentation?
Saturday, 10 December 2011 03:20

EDUC 249 - Week 15 - All-inclusive

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This week will be spent finishing as much as you can. After the holiday, we will spend the time working on your presentations and then completing your MCT interviews with me. I will create a sign-up sheet in SharePoint and you can go and pick your time. They will start on Monday, January 9th and will continue for the week. Each interview will take approximately 15 minutes. The following description is from the assessment document:

Students should bring their laptops to the interview in order to show their e-portfolios. Each student will have a 15 minute interview with their instructor to determine:

  • the student’s growing ability to integrate theory with practice in the classroom. For example, how does an understanding of behaviorism, social constructionist theory or Bloom’s taxonomy help teachers use technology to develop learning materials.
  • the student’s growing knowledge and understanding of learners, teachers and/or learning environments. For example, what motivates people? How does Maslow’s hierarchy of needs help us to create a learning environment?


Students will be given the chance to explain and reflect orally upon their teaching practice experience. Here is an overview the questions. You will asked questions similar to these but perhaps not exactly the same.

Section Goal Statement


Information about the school:



Organizing and Planning

What did you consider before planning a lesson?


How different was planning the connected oral lessons to planning an individual lesson?


Reflect on the resources/materials that you used in one of your lessons


Lessons Taught

Talk me through one lesson or activity


Tell me what worked well in one lesson


Think about a lesson that wasn’t very successful – what would you do differently next time?


What did you learn from teaching 2 connected lessons?


Implementing and Managing learning

How did you link the lessons together?


Were your strategies different from those used by your MST?

If so, how?  Why?


What do you have to take into consideration when creating materials for for EFL learners?


Personal Development/Reflection

Tell us about an experience that you had in the school when you felt that you learned something new.


Describe a positive experience you had in the school.


What motivated you in the classroom?


What did you do to develop good relationships with staff and students?

Were you able to connect college experiences with your Teaching practice Placement? If so, how?


Close the interview

Is there anything you would like to add?

Saturday, 10 December 2011 03:12

EDUC 218 - Weeks 14 & 15 - Everything Else

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Your final assessments for all courses are listed on the 249 page. Here are your final pieces of work for 218 :

EDUC 218 % Due
Portfolio 10% 11/12/2011 Week 15
Wiki Contributions 2 5% 15/01/2012 Week 16
  • The portfolio will be assessed during the presentation. I may also look at it before to make sure a get a complete picture of the portfolio.
  • The contribution swill be based on your blindness presentation work. If you do not know about the blindness presentations, then check with me!!
Sunday, 04 December 2011 07:30

EDU 1302 - Weeks 14 & 15 - Portfolio!

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We will then start to review your portfolio and have a selection of you begin to present what you have. This will be on a volunteer basis but remember, someone has to volunteer! If not, I will select students.

I want to see:

  • Thoughtfulness
  • Growth and development
  • Understanding of key processes in your studies
  • Completeness, correctness and appropriacy
  • Diversity of entries

If need be, we can review the NSCC portfolio page as well.

Here is a list of benefits of using SharePoint as a portfolio tool (remember that these benefits may apply to many other software packages as well!).

SharePoint e-Portfolio Highlights

  • User-Centered: Students control what goes into their SharePoint e-Portfolio and who sees it
  • Customizable: Students can create multiple views
  • Flexible: Allows students to create portfolios to showcase their skills and achievements
  • Reflective: Portfolio encourage reflective thinking
  • Easy to Use: Users do not need any HTML or programming skills. They have to be able to fill out web forms and upload files, as they would in an email attachment
  • Goal Oriented: Users can set, review, and revise goals related to their education, course, career, work, service, and volunteer activities
  • Career Centred: SharePoint e-Portfolio contains extensive ways for users to archive information about educational, volunteer, service, work and much more
  • Faculty Portfolios: Faculty can create their own portfolios to use for professional development, to highlight their achievements, or to archive material for promotion and tenure
  • Import / Export using IMS standard
  • Export to zip-file and use it later on another platform


On Monday in week 15, we will troubleshoot any last issues with yor SharePoint sites. We will also try to view them on our phones. After that, we will begin a review of the semester and see what we need to go over again for the final exam. WE will also try to preview some of your portfolio sites in class together.

Sunday, 04 December 2011 01:36

EDUC 305 - Weeks 14-15 - Media

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We are almost finished! You will submit your peer evaluation this week and then we will focus on the final presentations. Youhave to complete the presentation and a final exam. WQe will review for the exam after the holidays.

For your presentations, Have a look at the final presentation map to see what you should focus on.

If you want to stand out in the crowd, think about how you can use mobile technology to enhance your presentation. Is there any way to create some audience participation?

Here is an updated description of how your peer assessment could work:

  • Classroom Management
  • Were instructions and explanations clear?
  • How was the pace & transitions between activities?
  • How well did she deal with specific needs of learners
  • How was her attitude & style (Affective Domain)
  • Materials
  • How effective do they seem to be?
  • Are they appropriate for the level of the class?
  • How effectively does she incorporate technology?
  • How effectively does she incorporate a theme?
  • How effectively does she link to authentic experiences/activities?
  • Comments from your peer
  • Could she have done better?
  • What would she do differently?
  • What specific problems did she have?
  • Rating
  • Give a rating based on the level of effort and achievement noted in the review. You do not have to provide a letter grade.
Saturday, 03 December 2011 22:22

EDUC 205 - Week 14 - 15 - Final work

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Well, we are nearing the end of the semester. Here is what we need to get done:

Reflection on TP 10% 11/12/2011 - Week 15
Presentation on TP 20% 8/12/2011 - Week 16
Peer Assessment 15% 8/01/2012 - Week 16
Final Exam 30% 26/01/2012 - Week 17

On your 349 course blog, I will put all the dates you have left with me so you can plan your time well.

  • Your Blindness presentations will be completed and saved in the SharePoint wiki. You will receive a grade for your wiki contributions in EDUC 218, and the contribution will be your presentation.
  • You will complete the peer assessment by assessing the presentation of one of your peers.
  • We will review for the final exam after the holiday.

You are going to be busy so get to it!

Tuesday, 29 November 2011 22:21

EDUC 249 - Week 14 - Tell me a story

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Congratulations - you have successfully completed your first teaching practice. I realize that you all have had very different experiences from each other. This week, you will have a chance to tell us a story about what happened to you. To help you get into a 'story-telling' frame of mind, check out these links:

Ted Talk on the Technology of Story-Telling

BBC Documentary on the History of Story-Telling

You will be telling a very important story when you give your final presentation. First of all:

On another note, since your final work will be integrated with all of your courses and so I will use this blog page to coordinate your final assessments and work.

EDUC 205 % Due
Reflection on TP 10% 11/12/2011 Week 15
Presentation on TP 20% 8/01/2012 Week 16
Peer Assessment 15% 8/01/2012 Week 16
Final Exam 30% 26/01/2012 Week 17
EDUC 218 % Due
Portfolio 10% 11/12/2011 Week 15
Wiki Contributions 2 5% 15/01/2012 Week 16
EDUC 249 % Due
TP Presentation 15% 11/01/2012 Week 16
TP Portfolio 25% 15/01/2012 Week 16
MCT Interview 20% 08 - 20/01/2012 Week 16
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