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How to embed Twitter and Folders

You can embed a wide variety of items into Mahara pages. Some however, are not quite so easy to add. These include:

  • Twitter
  • Folder views in Google Drive
  • Personal work on various other platforms

To embed these items, you need to create an html page and then embed your content (e.g. Twitter feed) on that page. If you are a Mahara administrator, you need to ensure that the location of these pages is added to your “Allowed iframe sources”.


Twitter has recently increased security which has made embedding more difficult. To embed your twitter timeline, you need to:

Create an html file.

  • Open NotePad.
  • Copy this code and paste it into NotePad
    • <html><body> replace this text with Twitter feed code</body></html>

twitter feed notepad save

  • Save the file.
  • **Under “Save as Type”, select “All Files”

Call the file “twitter_yourname.html”. DO NOT forget to add .html to the file name. Leave NotePad open. You will come back to this.


  • Go to your Twitter home page and click on settings

twitter feed setting

  • Next, click on Widgets and then select “Create New”.

twitter feed widget

  • Use the default settings and click on “Create Widget”.

twitter feed createnew

  • You will see the code. Copy the code.

twitter feed copycode

  • Go back to the NotePad window and paste the code, replacing the text that says, “replace this text…”.

twitter feed notepad pasted

Save the file. You can test it by simply opening it by double clicking. It should open in a browser and display your feed. If it does not, you have made a mistake. Check your work.

Where to save your file

Your administrator will tell you where to save your file. It needs to be added to the server in order to provide an absolute link.

Administrators, you need to create a shared folder and then upload user files. You should provide a URL via a secure method to avoid harmful file injections by spammers or hackers.

Sharjah folks can find further details about the folder from me.


Once your file has been uploaded, you need to add an External Media block to your Mahara page.

mahara embed

  • In the "“URL or Embed Code” section in the block edit window you need to add the following code:

<iframe src=" name.html" height="500" frameborder="0" scrolling="no">

  • Don't forget to change the file name in the code.
  • You can also edit the block name and other settings.

mahara twitter iframe

  • Once your page has been loaded by me, you will see your Twitter feed.



Folder Views on Google Drive

If you embed a Google Drive folder using the Mahara tools only, you will get a view that looks like this:

mahara folders view

If you click on the link, you will open a new browser window and view the Google Drive folder with thumbnails. This can be very convenient for quick views.

google drive folder thumbs

For an embedded view that might look nicer for you, there are two options.

  • List view

google drive list view

  • Grid View or Thumbnail View

google drive grid view

This view takes up much more space, but might be nice for a small folder.

How to embed a Google Drive Folder View

Create an HTML file

  • Open Notepad
  • Copy this code and paste it into notepad:
    • For the list View:

<iframe src=" folder_ID#list" width="800" height="600" frameborder="0"></iframe>

    • For the Grid view:

<iframe src=" folder_ID#grid" width="800" height="600" frameborder="0"></iframe>

  • Go to Google Drive and copy the Folder ID of the folder you want to embed.
  • Replace the text in the code (replacethiswiththe folder_ID ) in the previous step with the folder ID.

google drive copy foldername

  • Save the notepad file as an html file and give it this name:
    • google_yourname_folder1.html

twitter feed notepad save

  • **Under “Save as Type”, select “All Files”
  • You can preview your file to see if it works by double clicking on it. It should open in a browser and show your folder. If it does not, check your work. Did you add (.html) to the file name?? Did you Save as Type – All Files??

Where to save your file

Your administrator will tell you where to save your file. It needs to be added to the server in order to provide an absolute link.

Administrators, you need to create a shared folder and then upload user files. You should provide a URL via a secure method to avoid harmful file injections by spammers or hackers.

Sharjah folks can find further details about the folder from me.


Add Folder to Mahara

Once your file has been uploaded, you need to add an External Media block to your Mahara page.

mahara embed

  • In the "“URL or Embed Code” section in the block edit window you need to add the following code:

<iframe src="" width="500" height="400" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" />

  • Don’t forget to add your file name. You can also edit the block name and other settings.

google drive listview edit

Phase One

So far, in the first phase of this project, we have covered 'how to' work with the Mahara site to prepare your portfolio. Some important considerations to remember from phase one are:

  • Your work belongs to YOU - try to keep all of your documents, images and other artefacts under your own control in your own storage tools:
    • Documents - Google Drive, DropBox, SkyDrive
    • Images - Flickr, Google Plus, Instagram
    • Comments - Instagram, Twitter, Blogger
    • Discussions - Various social media depending on who you are interacting with.
  • Different audiences want to see different things - Curated Collections
    • You can create a 'base' portfolio and then copy and edit it to suit your audiences.

Phase Two

This section will focus on what you should put into your portfolio. Your portfolio showcase will be quite different from your colleagues and will highlight the needs of various stakeholders.You will need to consult with your supervisor and the principal.

We can have a look at this portfolio from one of our students.

Nada Ahmed

Things to note:

  • Curated collections - She has three functioning collections for three different teachers.
  • Embedded materials and collections - all work is in external, personally maintained accounts such as Google Drive and Blogger.
  • Profile is editable and personalizable.
  • Some of the pages in each collection are actually copies of the same page.

Have a look at my profile:

Paul Leslie

Things to note:

  • External profile from LinkedIn.
  • Two collections
  • Two RSS feeds, one in expanded mode and one with headings only.

Next Steps

Once you have copied the

ملف إنجاز مدرسة الرماقية <<>> Ramaqia School Portfolio

You can start to edit the titles and become familiar with the processes involved. A good place to start is by editing the titles of the pages.


Twitter Feed

Please see the section on embedding external media for instructions on how to embed a Twitter timeline. Twitter has changed its process and so embeddinig is more difficult than previously.

Tweets by @pleslie

Sharing of Ideas

One of my main goals in this project is to enable educators to share their ideas more readily with each other. This can happen through a number of methods. One idea is to promote the use of a discussion board dedicated to this task. 

You could use the SWC Education Community Site. Or, you could use Google Groups

Mobile Devices

Please note that much of this technology is readily available through your mobile devices. I prefer slightly larger screens such as the Note 3 or even the now old fashioned S3.

mahara mobile

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How to edit your Mahara Profile

Your profile is the main feature of your Mahara account. When other people look for your work, they will start at your profile page. This page will contain links to your showcase work and to other documents that you wish to share with your colleagues.

The value of using Mahara to share your work is that you can link a wide range of other tools in this one page. Otherwise, we might never find and see all the great stuff that you are doing. That means we will not benefit from your work as an educator.

One of the first features you should consider adding to your profile page is your personal / professional resume. You have two options and you should take advantage of both. 

Update your Profile

LinkedIn still seems to be the best online resume tool. This social media tool is becoming very popular around the world and especially here in the UAE. Since you need to have a resume and cover letter anyway, I suggest you do this initial work on LinkedIn. You can then export the information to a paper based resume or CV if you so desire.

You can then link your LinkedIn profile to Mahara through a LinkedIn block, which you can find under the "Personal" heading in the edit page mode. However, since LinkedIn has no Arabic language support (yet), Arabic users may want to use a different tool.

In either case, Mahara, offers a simple profile which can be easily edited from the main page or DASHBOARD page. Click here for the Mahara help file on the personal profile.

mahara profile edit

  • Click on “Update Your Profile”.

mahara profile edit about

  • You will be able to add a variety of information to your profile, which you will then be able to share on your profile page.
    • People will view your profile and so you should consider what you put there.
    • I believe that more is better, as long as it is relevant.
  • You will be able to find your profile page by clicking on your name at the top of the page.
    • Your name will appear at either the top left or top right of the page.

mahara profile home

  • Click on “Edit this Page” to add your various profile details, including LinkedIn, a wall and other features..

mahara sidebar person

  • Similar to editing other sections of the Mahara portfolio, you can edit and add other features to your profile page.
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Share your Mahara Showcase

Sharing your Showcase Portfolio

mahara portfolio

You – How can you share the location of your work for others to find?

Stakeholders – How can you find the work of your colleagues?

Share your Showcase Collection

There are several ways to share your work.

  • Share a single page
  • Share a collection
  • Share your profile and link to pages or collections

There are also several ways to send the link to other people to view.

  • Email the link
  • Use a QR code
  • Post the link via social software

Sharing a page or Collection:

  • When you are logged in, go to your Portfolio tab and then click on SHARED BY ME.
    • You will have the option to share collections or pages.
    • If you share a collection, the pages in the collection will automatically be shared.

mahara shared

  • Click on EDIT ACCESS and then select which items you wish to share.
    • In this view, the sharing settings for the item that you selected on the previous page appears under ADDED.
    • You can control the length of time for which the item will be shared, or leave it open.

mahara sharing options

  • The item you selected on the previous page should appear selected on this page.
  • You can choose to share the item (collection or page) with the groups shown.
    • PUBLIC is the only option that will allow the collection to be viewed by people who are not logged into the site.

The collection you have shared is now open for visitors.



­­­­­­­­­­­­Send the link to others

Public Users

  • Once you have shared the collection, open the collection and then copy the URL of the collection from the address bar.
    • Note that although you can see the whole collection in the tabs, the id that shows in the address bar is for the specific page. Whatever Page is highlighted when you copy the address will be the page that opens first when you share the link

mahara share page id

You can email this link.

­­­­­­­­­­­Mahara members

  • Go to your profile page and either:
    • Check to ensure that your “My Pages” module is visible on your page. It should be there by default.
      • It allows people to see whatever pages are visible to them.
      • If someone clicks on a page that is in a collection, it will show the whole collection provided that the collection has been shared.
      • This may be a bit messy and confusing for infrequent visitors.

mahara profile mypages

    • Or, you can add a link to a collection.

mahara profile collection

      • The link will display the pages in the collection.

mahara profile collectionpages


Stakeholders: Finding a Participant Portfolio

  • When members go to the Mahara site and log in, they will be able to find participants through the groups.
    • Participants may belong to more than one group.
  • All members will also be added to the “Mahara Members” Group.
  • Once a participant is located, Mahara members can simply click on the participant name to view the profile.
    • Note that while many of the pages can be viewed without logging in, groups cannot be accessed without logging in.
    • Also, members must be logged in to leave comments on pages.


This week, we will see how to actually set up a showcase folder in which you can display documents for your stakeholders.

mahara ramaqia portfolio example

This will involve two steps:

Once you have created this first step on your showcase portfolio, you will also have started the process of sharing your work for collaboration and professional feedback.

cloud sharing benefits

The associated skills for these steps include:

  • Working with cloud storage
  • sharing folders through cloud storage
  • embedding media

cloud associated skills

Copying a collection in Mahara

When copying pages and collections in Mahara for the first time, Ramaqia School Project participants are encouraged to first copy this collection:


ملف إنجاز مدرسة الرماقية <<>> Ramaqia School Portfolio


This collection can be found in the 'Pages' section of your dashboard, by clicking on the "COPY a PAGE" link. When you find the page, you will also be able to copy the entire collection.

One of the more important sections of the portfolio will be this page, in which you discuss your goals for the year. I hope one of them is to complete an e-Showcase Portfolio.

الأهداف الفردية


الأهداف الفردية



نقاط التقييم (1-4 )

نتيجة التقييم
(وزن الهدف x نقاط التقييم )

الأسباب والمبررات



يقدم مواقف تعليمية تعلمية ذات درجة اتقان قادرة على اشغال 80% من المتعلمين خلال العام الدراسي 2012-2013.







رفع المستوى التحصيلي للطلبة بنسبة لا تقل عن 10% مقارنة بنتائجهم السابقة بنهاية العام الدراسي 2012-2013







الاسهام في نقل وتبادل الخبرات المدرسية داخل وخارج المدرسة(تبادل الزيارات، الدروس التطبيقية، التدريب المصغر، الانوية التدريبية، الخ) بواقع ممارستين خلال العام الدراسي 2012-2013

20 %






المشاركة في الانشطة المدرسية والتي تخدم المجتمع المحلي بواقع نشاطين خلال العام الدراسي 2012-2013









حضور 3 ورش عمل او دورات تدريبية لتحقيق التنمية المهنية الذاتية خلال العام الدراسي 2012-2013

10 %






100 %


تقييم الأداء: مجموع نتائج تقييم الأهداف أو المسؤوليات





Please refer to this page to get ideas about how you could set up your portfolio collection

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Embed SkyDrive Files in Mahara

This video shows how to embed files saved in SkyDrive (Microsoft) into your Mahara portfolio.

They show how to embed three different types of files.

You can ignore the first 30 seconds or so that show the administrator actions. I have done that!.

Look down below the other bits....

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Add a Blog RSS Feed to Mahara Portfolio

How to Add a Blog RSS Feed to Mahara Portfolio

  • Go to your blog, scroll to the bottom of the page and look for the text that says, Subscribe to: Posts (Atom)

google blog rss

  • A new page will open with the address to the RSS feed.
    • An RSS feed is a link to an XML formatted version of your blog. This will allow the blog feed to update automatically where you use the link to the feed.
    • It also allows the blog site to display only the post, not the entire blog site, in another page.

google blog copyrss

  • Copy the address of the blog feed from the address bar of the browser.
  • Go to MAHARA and open the page where you want to display your blog.
    • You will need to EDIT the page.
    • Refer to the section on adding or creating pages or collection to your portfolio for further information on how to do this.
  • Click on the EDIT CONTENT tab and then drag and drop the External Feed block to your page.

mahara edit rss

  • These are the most important options for the blog.

mahara add rssfeed

  • You will see other options, which you can leave as default if you prefer.
  • Paste the address of the feed into the FEED LOCATION box.
    • You may want to edit the layout of the page to allow for a wider column layout.
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Edit Page Title and Description in Mahara

How to Edit Page Title and Description in Mahara

PLEASE NOTE: This section discusses how to edit the title and description. You may need to refer to other sections to see how to copy or edit BLOCKS in Mahara.

  • Once you have a page or collection open in Mahara, you should see something like this:

mahara collection view

    • When you open a page that is in a collection, you will see the entire collection. This enables you to understand what you should or need to include in the page.
    • You can select any page from the collection.
  • Click on EDIT THIS PAGE.

mahara edit title

  • The page title is what appears in the tab when you are viewing the collection.
    • Note that the tabs are not very wide so keep your title short.
    • You do not need to put your name in the title as visitors will see it in the collection title.
  • The description can contain a variety of content.
    • If you are good with HTML code, you can insert video and other features.
    • If you have copied a page from a group collection, you can simply edit the content that is already provided.
  • Click on the TOGGLE FULL SCREEN MODE button to more easily edit the content.

mahara toggle full

  • The description will open in the full screen of your computer. Here you can edit a variety of content, including:
    • Skills for competencies
    • Links to external content in your Google Drive, Blogger and others.
  • When you are finished, you must click on TOGGLE FULL SCREEN MODE again to return to the normal window.
  • You can enter tags if you prefer.

How to work with Pages and Collections in Mahara

For more information on pages and collections, click here

For more information on editing pages, click here

In Mahara, in order to showcase your work, in most instances you will need to create a page and then place content on that page for others to access. This content can include an embedded word document containing a lesson plan or PDP. It can also include an RSS feed from a blog or a folder from Google Drive.

You can also copy a page that you have already created and simply edit some of the content to quickly create a new page.

  • Go to your own profile.

mahara dash


  • Click on Portfolio and then go to Pages and click ‘CREATE A PAGE’.

portfolio page create



  • Page title: Provide a title for your page. This field cannot be left empty. If you do not enter a title, the default “Untitled” will appear.
  • Page description: Write a brief description summarising your objective of this page. It will appear on the page itself.
  • Tags: Enter tags to find your page more easily at a later stage. Separate your tags with commas. If you already have tags, you can click on the link 'Show my tags' and select the ones that you think will fit for this page as well. They will be entered into the text field for you.
  • Name display format: Choose which of your names you want to appear on the page as author.
  • Click the Save button to save your changes and to continue to the Edit content part.

Copy a page or collection

You may want to use a page that has a lot of content as a template. You can copy that page and then edit the blocks that you have already created. This may save you time.

You may also want the same page to appear in more than one collection. In this case, you will need to make a copy of the page.

  • Starting from the Portfolio link, click on COPY A PAGE.  
  • Once you click on COPY A PAGE, you will be able to copy either a collection or a page. You can see individual pages and also see what collection that page is in.

mahara copy page collection

  • If you want the entire collection, you can simply copy the collection.
  • It may be easier to get started by copying a whole collection and then deleting certain pages.
  • Once you have your own collections, you can copy these as well, more or less in the same way. 

Copy a Collection

  • Once you click on COPY COLLECTION, you will be asked to edit the Collection name and the description. You can change these to your own personalized titles.

mahara edit collection title

  • Next, you can edit which pages are included in the collection.
  • You can remove pages that came with the copied collection
  • You can add existing pages from your own set of pages. 

mahara copy page selection


  • Once you have completed the collection edits, you will be returned to your own COLLECTIONS page, under your portfolio. 

Curated Collections

  • When showcasing your work, one essential sharing method will be to link your curated collections through your profile page.
  • Under the General tab, select the “Navigation” module. This will display a collection.

mahara collection add

  • You can edit the various elements of the module and select the collection you want to display.

mahara collection add edit

  • In the block title, you can put the actual title, or another title that indicates the audience of that particular collection.
  • You can include more than one collection.

mahara profile collection module

  • The same page can be copied and shared in as many different curations – SHOWCASE COLLECTIONS – as are necessary.

mahara curation compare


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Add Single Document to Mahara

Add Single Document to Mahara

  • In Google Drive, share the document that you wish to highlight in your portfolio. Follow the same steps that you used to share a folder (see SHARING A FOLDER).
    • You will want to edit the layout of the page to allow a wider column in order to fit the full document.

google shared

  • In the Share window, select “Anyone who has the Link can View”.
  • Once you have set the access, copy the "Link to Share".
  • Go to Mahara and then open the page where you want to show the document.

mahara sidebar edit

  • Click on EDIT THIS PAGE.
  • Under External content, select the GOOGLE APPS block and drag it to the page.
  • As you did with other blocks, give the block a Title and then paste the link into the URL OR EMBED CODE area.
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