The Final Stretch

This is the last stretch of our project. Today will be the last official day. From now on, I hope that you can get professional help from our two students who are ready and able to help.

We have about 4-6 weeks to get it all together. I will be happy to come over a few extra times to ensure that all of you are ready to showcase your great work to your supervisor and other stakeholders.

Sometime in the next few weeks, ideally around the end of May, I will want to:

  • interview you perhaps in two or three small focus groups to see what you think and what you have learned about yourself and about the demonstration of competencies.
  • get signed consent forms as I also plan to review your portfolios to see what patterns and usage I can find.

Requirements for your Portfolio:

You know better than me what you need, but here are some ideas based on your Wathiqa Document from the Ministry.

  • Introduction page
  • Goals page
  • Competencies list - might be good to have an overall list of evidence in one place.
  • Other features
    • Twitter feed
    • Flickr or other images feed
    • Blog feed?
    • Instagram feed
  • Make sure your stakeholders, or supervisors, have you listed as a friend. They can add a 'Friends' block to their profile to find you easily.

ramaqia board may5

Tips for Demonstrating Competencies

  • Start with your goals page. This should be referenced and linked to your demonstrations. 
  • You may want to highlight larger goals or larger documentation in a separate page.
  • Balance between having links from your goals document and extra pages in a collection.

Tips for Showcasing in Mahara

  • The audience needs to find your artefacts easily so you should direct them to the more important items.
  • Use collections to sort your work. You can use more than one collection and certainly, you should use new collections for each assessment cycle.
  • Clearly label your work and artefacts. You audience may not know what they are supposed to see in any given work.
    • Use the description feature in each page to give some extra information about a particular page.

mahara page description

  • Remember, the profile is for your audience, not you.
    • Think about who is going to look at your profile and how you can make their life easier.

mahara screen profile

  • Consider using three columns with one wider column.
    • There are lots of options for page layout so take a few minutes to test a few different options.
  • You need to include information about yourself in the form of a profile. This may include:
    • Classes taught in a particular semester.
    • List of projects or teams that you are on.
    • You can add a few pieces of information about yourself through the Mahara Profile tool and then add a profile block to your home page.
  • Make sure you use the “Retractable” feature.

mahara block title

  • Give the block a title that personalizes it.
  • Insert your name wherever you can. When stakeholders are looking at your work, they are most likely looking at others' profiles as well and so you want to make sure they know who you are when they look at your work.

General Comments

Documenting your work should become a habit. If done right and well, it is habit-forming. At first, you will need to remind yourself and create a plan of how you will incorporate certain tools to do your work.

Remember, the use of technology will only increase over time. Many of the benefits of technology are really very straight forward. The most elemental and important aspect of all of this work is the ability to manage your files. Much of this work is based on displaying files and you need to be able to manage them, think clearly about where to store them and how to share them. Whenever you name a document or a folder, try to think what name will allow someone else to find the document. That 'someone else' could be you in about 6 months when you come back to find work you did and have not looked at for a while.

  • file management
    • sharing documents
    • accessing documents from multiple devices
    • storing documents for later retrieval
  • Sharing ideas
    • blogging
    • discussion forums
    • online communities
    • portfolios
  • Social media
    • sharing ideas
    • sharing images of activities
    • motivating your students
    • motivating your colleagues

Also remember that you are linking to much of your work or sharing the link with others. That means if you move your work, you will break that link and your work will be harder to find.

Don't forget to look at your colleagues work. Everyone 'sees' their work and artefacts differently and may give you new perspective on your work. Be proactive and ask others to view your work. 

Ramaqia Project in the News

Your colleague and I have been busy promoting our project and getting attention from others for our good work.

Mahara Newsletter: Click here 

Ramaqia Project at  HCT M-Learning Conference, April 10th: Click here

Ramaqia Project at GEF: Click here

Mahara 1.9

Mahara have released 1.8 and will soon release 1.9 (we are using 1.7.2). I will update the site to the latest version before July. I am waiting for you to finish your portfolio and and let Principal Fatima review them in a familiar format before upgrading.

You can view the presentation below to see a preview of the new version.

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Wednesday, 05 March 2014 22:32

Ramaqia Project @ GEF 2014 - Dubai

14:30-16:00 >> EN Room C

gef logo

4-6 March 2014

Dubai World Trade Centre, UAE

Portfolio Learning Approach at Ramaqia Boys School

Education in the 21st century leverages technology to support the learning process. A Portfolio Learning Approach to Education (Leslie, 2012; Leslie, 2013) offers practitioners a framework of e-processes that support activities including content delivery, classroom interactions, demonstration of competencies, and provide a means to reflect upon their work.

The Portfolio Learning Approach starts when a practitioner decides to collect and curate their materials, ideas and artefacts. Once a curated collection begins to emerge, the practitioner will discover and develop opportunities to share ideas and artefacts for collaboration and feedback. The results of these interactions then foster new ideas which can be incorporated into their corpus of work.

An added benefit is the development of the associated, technical, 21st century teaching and learning skills and e-strategies.

Research Project

All teachers in the Sharjah Education Zone maintain a portfolio for professional assessment. This study will provide teachers in the Ramaqia Boys School a 21st century means to create, share, and transform the paper-based portfolio into an on-going portfolio learning process.

Teachers will use cloud-based tools to create their portfolios. An informed selection of tools allows teachers to control their own data. Web 2.0 tools support sharing and collaboration with other teachers both within their school and throughout the zone. An online platform will provide a consistent interface for showcase purposes.

As practitioners build and improve their curations, the best or most representative work can be showcased to various stakeholders. The portfolio platform facilitates tailored versions to be prepared for various audiences including colleagues, parents, administrators and Ministry officials. 

Despite the importance of the showcase element, and the development of associated skills, the essence of this study is the embedded learning opportunities found in the reflective activities of sharing and reviewing.

  • Paul Leslie, Faculty, Sharjah Higher Colleges
  • Samaa Zaki Abdel Ghany, Faculty, Al Ramaqia Boys School


Sunday, 09 February 2014 22:35

Portfolio Processes - Youtube Videos

Click on the icon in the top left to see the full list of videos.

By now, you should have a reasonable ability to edit your pages. Once this happens, we are ready to really start!

Of course you may need to refresh your memories of how to perform certain tasks so please check on the How To section to see how to.


The following table is an English version of the goals table that you have completed with Ms Fatima.

Do you all have one?

Individual Goals





Teaching and Learning with Students – 80%


 Samples of student work

Reflective Comments

  • Blog (see Journal Page)

Increase student performance


 Test scores

  • Google Doc Spreadsheet
  • Projects in Google Docs

Contribute to experiences of the school





Participation in School Activities





Attend Workshops for Professional development



Samples of work produced as result of workshop



You can add this document to your portfolio by following the instructions on how to add a single document to Mahara.

Your next step should be to start editing this table and matching your evidence to your goals. I have provided some examples of how you could capture this evidence.

Presenting your Portfolio

One issue we have discussed is how to make your portfolio easy to view. The document that most of you are working on is quite long. To make life easy for your colleagues, supervisors and other stakeholders, you could

  • split the document into parts
  • Tidy the formatting
  • display each section in its own page.

Sharing your Portfolio

To allow other people to see your portfolio, you will need to make it visible to them. this means you need to give them permission to view the pages in your portfolio. 

Please note the following:

  • if you give the "Public" permission to view your work, you are allowing anyone who has the link to see your work.
  • You may want to only give certain groups including the مدرسة الرماقية < > Ramaqia School permission to see your work.
  • Remember, the purpose of this portfolio is to...
    • showcase your work
    • share with colleagues
    • get feedback from others
    • share with families and students
  • ... so you want to make sure these different groups can view the work.

Demonstrating Competencies

You will need to complete competency tables as well. One aspect of these is that you can focus on certaion competencies and that this focus can be determined with your supervisor.

The determiners can be taken from examples from guiding documentation. However, I believe that you will be able to provide your own as well, as long as you can show the connection between your determiners and the suggested determiners from the Ministry.

Behavioral Competencies

Behavioral Competencies Determiners/Skills Evidence











Change Management


Employee Skill Development




communications with parents

> Instagram account

> email communications

> notes from Parent teacher meetings


Communications with Colleagues

> Shared folders

> Images from meetings

> Notes from meetings


Shared responsibilities for special projects

> Notes on How to manage project

> Products from special projects (images, documents, etc.)

Customer Service

Communicate with parents
(overlap with communications?)



Resources Management


Technical Competencies

Technical Competencies





Leadership Quality Management


School Regulations


Student Affairs


Educational Techniques / Methods

 Use of visual aids > images of board notes 
> Copies of PPTs used in class
> images of displays on classroom walls

Specializations / Content Expertise


> on-going training :)
> reflections and journal entries latest articles in your field.

Planning & Implementation

Documentation of lessons > lesson plans shared through Google Drive
> Images of classroom activities

Professional Development

Overlap with specializations and Content Expertise.  

I strongly urge you to share your work with each other regularly. You should be able to see each other's work and comment on it. You can use the forum in Mahara, or any other site to share ideas and comments as well.

I suggest that you have a session on how to map various items to your goals and competencies tables to ensure quality and consistency.

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Phase One

So far, in the first phase of this project, we have covered 'how to' work with the Mahara site to prepare your portfolio. Some important considerations to remember from phase one are:

  • Your work belongs to YOU - try to keep all of your documents, images and other artefacts under your own control in your own storage tools:
    • Documents - Google Drive, DropBox, SkyDrive
    • Images - Flickr, Google Plus, Instagram
    • Comments - Instagram, Twitter, Blogger
    • Discussions - Various social media depending on who you are interacting with.
  • Different audiences want to see different things - Curated Collections
    • You can create a 'base' portfolio and then copy and edit it to suit your audiences.

Phase Two

This section will focus on what you should put into your portfolio. Your portfolio showcase will be quite different from your colleagues and will highlight the needs of various stakeholders.You will need to consult with your supervisor and the principal.

We can have a look at this portfolio from one of our students.

Nada Ahmed

Things to note:

  • Curated collections - She has three functioning collections for three different teachers.
  • Embedded materials and collections - all work is in external, personally maintained accounts such as Google Drive and Blogger.
  • Profile is editable and personalizable.
  • Some of the pages in each collection are actually copies of the same page.

Have a look at my profile:

Paul Leslie

Things to note:

  • External profile from LinkedIn.
  • Two collections
  • Two RSS feeds, one in expanded mode and one with headings only.

Next Steps

Once you have copied the

ملف إنجاز مدرسة الرماقية <<>> Ramaqia School Portfolio

You can start to edit the titles and become familiar with the processes involved. A good place to start is by editing the titles of the pages.


Twitter Feed

Please see the section on embedding external media for instructions on how to embed a Twitter timeline. Twitter has changed its process and so embeddinig is more difficult than previously.

Tweets by @pleslie

Sharing of Ideas

One of my main goals in this project is to enable educators to share their ideas more readily with each other. This can happen through a number of methods. One idea is to promote the use of a discussion board dedicated to this task. 

You could use the SWC Education Community Site. Or, you could use Google Groups

Mobile Devices

Please note that much of this technology is readily available through your mobile devices. I prefer slightly larger screens such as the Note 3 or even the now old fashioned S3.

mahara mobile

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This week, we will see how to actually set up a showcase folder in which you can display documents for your stakeholders.

mahara ramaqia portfolio example

This will involve two steps:

Once you have created this first step on your showcase portfolio, you will also have started the process of sharing your work for collaboration and professional feedback.

cloud sharing benefits

The associated skills for these steps include:

  • Working with cloud storage
  • sharing folders through cloud storage
  • embedding media

cloud associated skills

Copying a collection in Mahara

When copying pages and collections in Mahara for the first time, Ramaqia School Project participants are encouraged to first copy this collection:


ملف إنجاز مدرسة الرماقية <<>> Ramaqia School Portfolio


This collection can be found in the 'Pages' section of your dashboard, by clicking on the "COPY a PAGE" link. When you find the page, you will also be able to copy the entire collection.

One of the more important sections of the portfolio will be this page, in which you discuss your goals for the year. I hope one of them is to complete an e-Showcase Portfolio.

الأهداف الفردية


الأهداف الفردية



نقاط التقييم (1-4 )

نتيجة التقييم
(وزن الهدف x نقاط التقييم )

الأسباب والمبررات



يقدم مواقف تعليمية تعلمية ذات درجة اتقان قادرة على اشغال 80% من المتعلمين خلال العام الدراسي 2012-2013.







رفع المستوى التحصيلي للطلبة بنسبة لا تقل عن 10% مقارنة بنتائجهم السابقة بنهاية العام الدراسي 2012-2013







الاسهام في نقل وتبادل الخبرات المدرسية داخل وخارج المدرسة(تبادل الزيارات، الدروس التطبيقية، التدريب المصغر، الانوية التدريبية، الخ) بواقع ممارستين خلال العام الدراسي 2012-2013

20 %






المشاركة في الانشطة المدرسية والتي تخدم المجتمع المحلي بواقع نشاطين خلال العام الدراسي 2012-2013









حضور 3 ورش عمل او دورات تدريبية لتحقيق التنمية المهنية الذاتية خلال العام الدراسي 2012-2013

10 %






100 %


تقييم الأداء: مجموع نتائج تقييم الأهداف أو المسؤوليات





Please refer to this page to get ideas about how you could set up your portfolio collection

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