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Share a Folder or File in Google Drive

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Share a Folder or File in Google Drive

  • Go to your Google Drive folder
    • You can go to your computer based folder, or you can do this in Google Drive on the cloud (in a browser)

google folder drive

  • Create a folder called “Lesson Plan Exemplars”.
    • You can create and name any folders you want or need, and you can save them in the same manner.
  • When you create the new folder, you will notice a small icon in the bottom right of your screen (top right on a MAC).

google sync

    • This shows you that the content of the Google Drive folder is syncing with the cloud-based folder, stored safely on a Google server somewhere.
  • Go back to the browser and refresh. You should see this folder in your Google Drive.
    • You can create folders in the browser as well and they will sync to your laptop.
  • Right-click on the folder, go to share and then share. Click.

google folder share

  • Click on change and then change the option to “Anyone with the Link”.

google share options

  • Your options should look like this.

google shared

  • Return to your computer folder.
  • Find two or three documents and place them in the folder.
    • Once this this folder has been created and shared, you can simply add documents to it as you create them and they will automatically appear in your linked showcase folder.
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